Anti-Virus Scan VS HIPS

Anti-Virus Scan

Antivirus are softwares that are used for preventing, detecting, as well as removing malicious applications and softwares. Antivirus offers protection against browser hijackers, malicious BHOs (Browser Helper virus-scanObjects), spyware, adware, fraudtools, malicious LSPs, Trojan horses, dialers, backdoors, keyloggers, rootkits, ransomware, and so on. Basically there are 2 types of scanning feature that antivirus comes with. The first one is complete system scan whereas the other is file scan. Complete scan feature will scan your entire system for malicious content. This is a time taking process. On the other hand, if you wish scanning few applications or files, you can make use of File Scan feature of antivirus. With file scan, all you need to do is browse the file that you want being scanned and click on scan option. This process takes less time when compared to full scan or complete scan.

Some of the best antivirus programs offering FileScan include Kaspersky anti-virus 2015, Avira, Avast, Bitdefender 2015, BullGuard, F-Secure, and many more.

Drawback of file scan antivirus

The biggest drawback that comes with file scan feature provided in most antivirus software is that here only single file can be scanned at a time which means if you have ten files to scan, you will be wasting time on browsing each file and clicking on scan option. Further, the entire system isn’t scanned which means virus, malware, or other malicious content is still present on the system and can affect you scanned file.

What is HIPS

HIPS is an intrusion detection system used for monitoring and analyzing internals of computing system in addition to network packets on network interfaces of it. In current environments there are ever-changing networks and system security defenders are continuously trying to keep pace as well as limit risks. hips-softwareMoreover, proactive security measure has become necessity. One of the highly effective proactive mitigation is HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) implementation. Foundational goal in system and computer security is maintaining integrity and health of individual hosts; this is what defines HIPS. HIPS is an extremely valuable component that is used for defending system host integrity. HIPS are managed centrally in enterprise deployments and system administrator pushes rules and policies down for individual hosts. It will alert when there is some abnormal or malicious activity on hosts. Users can set HIPS policy to block/log suspicious or malicious activities. Generally, HIPS includes 4 varying technologies namely application or process behaviour monitor, file integrity monitor, registry monitor, and host firewall. All these four are defined below:

Host firewall – This will place barrier between external systems and computer. Every information that travels to and fro from the system will first pass via host firewall before it is fully processed. This firewall would carry out port-clocking and complete inspection on all incoming traffic to host. Only the important and used ports will be left open. Ports that aren’t used will be closed hence reducing risk of infections via unnecessary ports. Egress firewall is responsible for managing applications that should be permitted to send data from the host generally via whitelist hence reducing chances for malware and exploits to call back control servers and commands.

Registry monitor – Almost all information configurations for Windows system will be available in registry. Registry stores details about programs installed, options to pass, OS configurations, recently executed programs list, and so on. There are few monitors that will first take snapshot prior to scheduling running and compare current registry settings later with snapshots for identifying as well as alerting when unwanted changes are taking place. On the other hand, there are monitors that perform real-time registry protection by intercepting programs trying to perform unauthorized changes to registry.

File Integrity Monitor – It will report alert when there are changes to critical application and system files.

Application/Process Behaviour Monitor – It studies behaviour of processes running on system as well as alerts when some application tries attempting action that is not as per allowed or normal course of action.

Some of the best providers of HIPS application are Mcafee, ProcessGuard, etc. You can go for their free or paid version.

Drawbacks or considerations with HIPS

In order to get effective security system, it is vital that HIPS has well-defined as well as tuned set or rules and policies. There are vendors that offer several rules with their tool but still system administrator has to perform turning so that this system works perfect for their specific environment. If HIPS policy and rules aren’t set properly, this system becomes inefficient hence leading to system risks. In order to maximize effectiveness of HIPS, organizations require working towards manageable network prior. This means investment of time, money, and resource. At times, users may be required to manually tune HIPS system else it won’t work as per their expectations.

Host prevention and protectionAs the trend in antivirus job is changing or advancing, more and more malicious contents are being developed by hackers. This means antivirus and HIPS developers have to work more so as to design extra efficient programs for curbing ever increasing malicious contents. Moreover, scanning frequency and efficiency should be increased so that the process takes less time. These systems should be automated so that just by the click of a button scanning process starts without disrupting or affecting other running applications on the system. It has been seen that HIPS and antivirus when running on a system affects performance of other running applications. Hence, developers need concentrating on this area as well. Both HIPS and antivirus have their share of pros and cons so it is suggested to have both these tools on your system that in turn will give you better protection against malware, viruses, spyware, and so on.


We strongly recommend users choose top internet security software instead of single protection products, because they provide all-in-one protection including firewall, virus scanning, HIPS, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and more, but with a comparative cost as single anti-virus or HIPS software.

6 Reasons to Do a Background Check

Background checks must be a part of all processes like hiring, recruitment, tenants keeping, dating, and so on. These checks would range right from reference consulting to checking for criminal records. In case your tenant, employee, or dating partner is having contacts with financial transactions or public transactions, one should go for thorough checking so as to avoid negligent hiring claims. Variety of background checks are there that individuals can make use of for obtaining information of the candidate and some of these include terrorist watch list, national sex offender, national criminal, motor vehicle reports, and so on. Doing background check helps in several ways. Let us consider some examples:

  • background-check-in-datingIn Case of Dating – Often individuals meet people on different online dating websites. After a period of time, both people decide meeting at some specific location. As dating sites don’t guarantee authenticity as well as background of the person, hence it becomes important to carry out background check so that one isn’t fooled, mislead, or taken for granted.
  • Hiring Tenants – When hiring tenants for your property, background verification or check becomes important so as to know who exactly the person is. This can be done by talking to their previous tenants, enquiring about their purpose, and so on. In some cases it has been seen that people hire wrong tenants who either have criminal background or aren’t following policies, as a result landlords have to face several issues.
  • Hiring Employee – It has been seen that employers carryout strict background verification of their employees prior to hiring them. This is to ensure that the person has a good background.

Some of the benefits of carrying out background-check are explained below:

  • Safeguarding Assets of Organization – Individuals one hires potentially get access to great value property ranging from valuable information to physical assets. With the help of background screening, one can assist in minimizing possibilities of corporate or theft espionage. Moreover, one can be asked by law for screening individuals primarily those who are on international and national disqualification or sanctions lists.
  • Assists in Promoting Safety – With the help of background verification, one can minimize possibilities of violence be it workplace, house, or dating location. It often happens in online dating that one won’t come to know about exact behaviour of the person. When such people come to meet their partner, they show their real attitude that can sometimes be pleasing but most of the time can be disappointing. In order to stay away from such embarrassing situations, why-do-background-checkit is important to perform background check by conversing with the partner on phone that will help you get to know more about them. Talking about employee hiring. Often employers don’t know how exactly the employee they are considering hiring is. For this, they can contact their previous employers and ask them about behaviour of the employee towards their fellow employees. Moreover, they should also ask why the particular employee left the previous job or was it the previous company that terminated him. You can also check past criminal behaviour as well as clarify character and history of prospective candidate from vendor personals, prospective employees, dating sites, past landlords, and so on.
  • Selecting Best Candidate – Background screening will assist in establishing that the person you have chosen, be it for employee, tenant, dating partner, or any other is qualified for that position. This will also assist in weeding out candidates who were dishonest in submitting their personal details thereby helping to bring in individuals who are trustworthy.
  • Avoid Long Term Costs – Hiring tenants, dating partner, or recruiting candidate is often a time consuming and expensive process in some cases. If you perform background check on the candidate, you’ll be assured that the particular candidate is well qualified as well as can be trusted. This is highly important when you are going to meet your dating partner. Here, you haven’t met the candidate in person before hence you need to be extra cautious. You can scroll down his/her list of friends or talk to some of them to verify their identity. At times, individuals create their fake identities or profiles on social networking or dating sites in which they look absolutely different from their actual identity. You need to beware of such people as they aren’t worthy of dating. In case when you are hiring an employee, uncover their potential red flags such as absenteeism histories, poor work performance, and so on.
  • Building Trust – Background check helps in building trust for the candidate for whom you are carrying out the check. This holds true only if the information provided by the person is true in all respects. In case of discrepancies, you may lose faith. Trust is highly important in building relationship both on personal and professional front. If you find your dating partner to be false, it will become tough for you to trust other people as well. Similarly, if employers don’t have trust on their employees, they would not be able to run successful business. It has been seen that landlords are the ones who easily trust potential tenants but this should not be the case. Prior to trusting someone and handing them some of the most expensive assets of yours, it is important criminal background checkto perform thorough check that will bring out the truth. This will be helpful in the longer run.
  • Staying Away From Governmental and Law Procedures – In case one has hired a tenant, or employee or dates partner who isn’t good, one can fall into trap wherein they may be asked to come to court for trusting someone who isn’t worthy of it. Even though you are not at fault but still you will be answerable to court. This may harm your reputation as well. Hence, it is suggested to carry out a background-check properly of the candidate you are going to meet, hire, or approve as a tenant.

Finally, if you are in need of a background check for any of the above reasons, you can follow this wikihow article:
3 Ways to Check Someone’s Background Online

Also there is a free software tool that can help you do a quick background search and can be downloaded below:
Free Online Background Check Tool

Protect Your Privacy While Enjoying Social Network

social network media & our online privacyBlogs, MeetUp, Ning, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and various other sites as well as tools are exploding. For everyone who is using internet, social networking is a killer application. These websites have breached corporate firewall walls hence it is a serious issue. When individuals participate in social networking sites, they leave behind abundance of personal information of theirs that in turn makes stealing their identity pretty simple. This is the reason we have explained few tips that will assist you to protect your privacy while enjoying social networks.

Few Things That One Must Never Share – In actual terms, social networking means sharing information and opening up online with different people but some information is there that shouldn’t be shared online. You privacy surveymust protect yourself from opening up or sharing TMI (too much information) as it will assist in saving you from becoming victim of identity theft as well as protect physical safety of yours as well. Things that shouldn’t be shared are home phone number, home address, birth date, social security number, credit card information, bank account, passwords, and PIN numbers. You can restrict few details from becoming visible to all. Instead you can set privacy wherein only your friends or close friends will be able to see few details such as phone number, date of birth, and so on.

Customize Privacy Options – Users have increased control over privacy settings for their account in various social networking sites. You shouldn’t go with default settings provided instead change them according to your requirements. Look for settings, privacy sections, and configuration sections for seeing what all options one must limit as well as which groups should be given access for seeing different aspects of personal information of theirs. Probably, Facebook is having broadest privacy options, providing control where none, networks, friends, or anyone to view basic information, postings, friends, and photos.

Privacy-SettingsLimit Working History Details Primarily On LinkedIn – In case you feel requirement of adding information so as to assist you in job search, you can expand details at the time of job hunting process but later on it should be removed, leaving behind only the information that recruiters require. Information restriction is a feature offered by social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Prior To Trusting, Verify – lots of reasons are there as to why anyone would falsify or impersonate identity online. This can be just for fun or prank. Faking identity is having a legit side as well- often people use it if they don’t wish their actual identity to be revealed. So it is recommended to do a background check to verify identity of the person prior to trusting them.

Have Control Over Comments – Blogs nowadays have started using authenticated commenting systems such as IntenseDebate. With such systems, users are allowed to make unregistered or anonymous comments. Registered users will be required to login after which they can leave comments as verified users letting others become confirm that they are real users. In case you find someone impersonating you on blog comments or social networking sites, do contact the site administrator for assistance.

Do I Have to Invest in Antivirus or Internet Security?

As internet has greatly revolutionized communications, uses and conveniences of internet come at price of perils. If you don’t have any sort of online defence or protection system, you are leaving yourself open to victim of fraud, property damage, or even theft. Vigilance and security are important to keep one secured, and safe. Given below are some reasons as to why we require internet security.

•    Confidentiality And Privacy: If security measures are not in place, confidential or private messages or information can be easily viewed, stolen, or intercepted by others. Based on intent of intrusion, it can range from devastating crimes like identity theft, or fraud to innocuous such as market research. Organizations and government with information that is sensitive are at higher risk as compared to individuals because they have much valuable information. Further, such organizations as well as government agencies maintain large amount of valuable details in addition to private information of their employees or customers.

•    Data Theft – Another issue that one may be prone to if there isn’t any kind of antivirus on their systems is data theft. In such situations, personal or sensitive data such as document, photos, and videos can digitally be stolen by intruders. Then this information can be distributed or resold for wrong purposes. Often companies are at risk of losing vital testing data, trade secrets, confidential financial files, product blueprints, and much more from various data thieves. In case of government authorities, they are at the risk of losing data of their ongoing research projects, strategies, agents name abroad, as well as personal details shared between people.
identity theft
•    Identity Theft – Another highly prevalent issue is identity theft as nowadays more and more internet users are engaging themselves to buying, selling, as well as sharing information online. If reliable internet security system is not installed on their system, online transactions will lead to thieves gaining access to information like personal details, social security number, as well as credit card. If they get these details, they’ll be able to make fraudulent purchases, charges, take loans, wreak havoc, take government benefits, and lots more.

•    Computer Damage – Maintaining excellent system security will assist individuals in protecting the system itself from various kinds of damages. There are hackers who are much willing to cause damage and disruption that gaining access to information. Some of the major disruptive issues that most computer users face these days are malicious software, Trojans, and computer viruses. Because of these issues, your system will either stop working, get crashed all together, or softwares may stop working. Such attacks if focusing on large targets such as corporate or government systems can disrupt services and communications, leading to a wide number of secondary issues.

Your system should be protected always. Few steps are there that computer users can take for protecting their computer online. First is to purchase or download antivirus software for protecting the system against Trojans and viral threats. You can also install anti-malware or anti-spyware programs for protecting your computer from spyware, tracking applications, and various other unsavoury tools. Computer users can make use of firewall protection that will alert about programs and activities that one may not be aware of. As a part of general online exercise, it is recommended not to share personal data as well as don’t click any ad, website, or link if it isn’t from trusted party. Moreover, perform activities like buying, selling, and other transactions from secure and reputable websites online.

If you have some kind of internet security installed in your system, you are safe from wide range of online threats. Basically internet security is a combination of different security fields such as anti-malware, firewall, antivirus, and so on, that together offer complete security required for sending and receiving emails, fileinternet security sharing, and communications. Internet security in broad terms is network layer security accomplished by making use of different encryption strategies, protocol standards, and codes that filter network for taking communication over internet network much secure. Protocol security is protocol designed that further involves PGP for email services, different IP based security protocols for network, and SSL for the internet users. In addition to this, there are antivirus programs, anti-malware programs, and many more that will help you protect your system from all kinds of malicious threats, viruses, and corrupted tools. Firewall is much reliable internet security system. It will block unauthenticated identities as well as filter downloadable content so as to trace out infections and malicious codes. It also serves as intermediate connection between host and client servers in all HTTP and SMTP connections. The fact that, firewall is of great significance when it comes to using internet services cannot be denied because it keeps check on almost all incoming and outgoing data packets. Nowadays, all leading OS are offering in-built firewalls so as to enhance protection. Moreover different kinds of firewalls are there such as circuit level gateways and packet filters. In addition to firewall protection working as internet security, there are some other systems of which one must be aware of.

•    Antivirus – Often computer users have abundance of personal information stored on their system. Hence it becomes vital for them to have good and reliable antivirus program installed on their system. These anti-virus programsprograms will offer maximum protection especially when working online. The most common feature of both traditional as well as latest antivirus programs is System Scanning. Here, these programs will scan your system regularly or when asked for any kind of threat, malware, virus, or corrupted program. The biggest advantage of using antimalware, antivirus, and other internet security tools is that these offer protection at real time which is much required when individuals are working with internet.

•    File Backups – There are viruses that will be created for simply stealing and infecting information whereas there are others that aim at destroying information. Hence, you can install automatic backup program that will take backup of your system regularly or at defined intervals thereby saving all data and information from your system to some secured and safe location.