Italy was shaken by the bridge that broke

Italy was shaken by the bridge that broke

Sometimes, thousands of cars used to move from side to side on the Genoa Bridge in Italy every day. But today it has been more than a year since the bridge crashed.

At the time of the accident, several cars fell at a height of 45 meters from this bridge. 43 people died in this incident.

Read the stories of seven people associated with the incident, and their lives have had a profound impact on him.

On the day of the incident, on August 13, 2018, Emmanuel Diaz was passing through the Morandi Bridge with his brother Henry. Emmanuel was on his way to Colombia to study psychology and Henry would leave him at the airport.

“I was about to get away from each other. I hugged Henry and told him I love you so much. I was uncomfortable because I didn’t want to leave him. The last words he gave were telling me, ‘I must now go to Emmanuel.’

“Now I think our destiny was written in such a way that life gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to each other. I always wanted to embrace it.”

The next morning, Emmanuel was waiting for his flight to Bogota. There he read in the news that Jehovah’s Bridge had fallen.

“I thought there was something wrong. There was a special bond between our two brothers. When I look at my brother’s picture, I think it is far from me.”

“When I arrived at Madeleine, I tried to call him, my friends and our mother in Italy. But I was disappointed.

I was 14,000 kilometers from the house. I started looking for news on the Internet. We had a yellow color.

“I saw a live video on a Facebook page that a yellow car was taken out of the wreckage.

I understood that my brother was no longer in the world. Looking at the car, it was clear that someone had no room to escape, and I felt there was no more. Force in my knees, and fell to the ground. ”

Deputy Attorney General Paulo Devito returned after a summer break. He forgot his phone at home and called his wife to tell them.

His wife asked him to watch the news on television and was told that the Morandi Bridge was broken.

“I immediately went home, took my phone and arrived at the police. Within one hour of the incident, we arrived. Firefighters, police, doctors and journalists were already there.”

“The sky was constantly raining. I was desperate. This scene was still hanging in front of the eyes. People were screaming. Dogs were crying used to search for the dead and dead bodies in the rubble. Where the driver was stuck. ”

“It was clear to us that the first task was to rescue the survivors, and then we had to start investigating it from there.”

David Capello was an eyewitness before breaking the bridge. He was in his Volkswagen Tiguan over the bridge at the time of the accident. He had climbed the bridge when he heard a loud sensation of metal fall.

“It was kind of a loud bang. It felt like a big metal thing fell. Then the bridge reached a point in the middle. For a few minutes I couldn’t understand what happened and where the sound came.

“I applied the brakes immediately and tried to stop the car but soon realized there was no way in front of me.

My car is now in the air and I was dropping. I removed the steering wheel of the car and I was screaming. I was dying. Time to fear, I felt how incapable someone was, everything was dying. ”

“But my luck was that I fell over the wreckage. My car hit the ground first. It looked like a rocket hit the bridge. I wasn’t dead.

It took me time to understand. I was 20 years old I couldn’t get out of the car for a minute. “The place was around me and people were seen inside the cars. It was as if there was war.”

Mima Sarto was in her apartment just below the bridge at the time of the accident. He also heard a loud sound.

“I was bathing. I thought it was a roar of the cloud, but that didn’t stop. Iron rocks seemed to hit each other. I didn’t feel the vehicles falling but then there were screaming from the street.”

“I opened the window and saw that the cars in the river fell on top of each other and the headlights of the cars were burning. Broken. ”

Anna Rita Sarto, Mima’s sister, was out of the house to work. Both sisters were in their 60s and watched the bridge being built before their eyes in the 1960s.

“It was part of my childhood. We played under it. When the president came to inaugurate it, we felt we were living under a wonderful example of architecture. This bridge was a symbol of Italy’s development.”

“When I saw the picture of the accident, I felt that someone had joked with me.

I wondered how my best friend could be the cause of someone’s death. ”

The structural engineer, Professor Carmelo Gentile, was on vacation in Greece, about a thousand miles from Italy. Received an accident message from his brother.

“I was stunned after reading the letter,” he says. “I didn’t know what was going on for 20 minutes. My mind stopped working.”

A year ago, with his team at the Milan Polytechnic, he planned to renovate this bridge. This work was scheduled to begin in September, a month after the bridge was broken.

“We used sensors to measure the strength of the bridge. The part of the bridge that was broken had serious problems.”

“As an engineer, when we see something abnormal or exceeding the limit or being reversed, we have to do more tests to confirm that. It was done as soon as possible. You should go.”


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