SACRED GAMES 2: Is the gruesome world of ‘Sacred Games’ worth saving

SACRED GAMES 2 Is the gruesome world of 'Sacred Games' worth saving

If you suddenly put 56 pigs in front of people who are hungry, their stomachs don’t stop appearing inside them, and the lungs explode.

If many dishes are served together in front of the hungry, they will vomit or mingle. Especially when the person serving the food has created this hunger as well.

The story of ‘Sacred Games-2’ is also similar. In the luggage of a child studying at school, science and moral education books, Burana, Mansmriti, genocide, rumol, “God is dead”, philosopher Federic Nietzsche and Osho “mating with Samadhi” were saved.

This child who goes to school likes to explain Bhadis about Ganesh Getundi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

But through Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi), the attempt to explain nihilism, amoeba, molecule, nuclear energy and the cycle of time seems to be a “philosophy of distance” in philosophical.

This school child, like Sartaj (Saif Ali Khan), escapes the desire to stay among all of them.

Expected to understand all this at once, who used to watch the reel without even disclaimer in fact.

Onaw case, mob execution, cattle protection, rape, love of jihad, nobody dead, patriotism, secular abuses?

“Everyone has brought their story. Abon’s job is to add it. The strength of the first season seems to be the lack of the second season.

Holy Games-2 may be a victim of expectations. These expectations are bilateral. Whoever makes sacred toys and those who watch.

Industry makers may have thought that people who understood the concept of “savagery” in the first season were ready for the next level.

Viewers felt that understanding the whole concept was not the “magic of the cuckoo” for its continuation.

But if this “magic” is triggered by tying it to a stick, can the truth be understood between Reel and Real? Let’s try you and Abon.

“Came from nuclear, go to nuclear”

Ganesh Gaitund’s dilapidated Temple of the One Strong God. Sartaj fled away in his desire to stay. Guruji, the ‘Avatar’ of the Chaturvedi dynasty, is moving towards sacrifice. The strong women who make the decision are Jojo, Yadav, Batya.

“Isn’t it logical, where will the story go?” So start the story with the latest events.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement, “Narendra Modi, you will not be able to enslave this people. Your brick will be stoned. It is time we will teach you a lesson.”

“India and Pakistan. The oldest conflict in the world. It is a war of civilizations.

Now consider these statements from Real and Real on nuclear weapons and war.

Article 370, which grants privileges to Kashmir, which is the root of the dispute between India and Pakistan, was abolished. The country’s leaders talk about making sacrifices every day.

Then Gurugi’s saying, “You have to sacrifice …” seems closer to the truth.

“A trigger is needed and a new world is created. The first world fights in the name of global warming. Thousands of firefighters are lying on fireworks. Let it go anywhere and all the smoke and smoke.”

If this thing is validated by the method of Parliament, then it can be investigated as such!

Saving the world from being Ganesh Jetund 

Even in the real world, sacrifices called God’s name and name have become strong. But Ganesh Gaitund, who calls himself the god in the reel, looks weak and stupid in the second season.

If you want to understand this without a spoiler, be sure to pay attention to the papas near you. Papa who took with him a crowd of millions of crores in the name of the pond.

At the rate of these papas, before the elections, leaders pay obedience. Then this faith forums announce to Mike – this time, the hands of the common man …

This grace, which comes from the forums, makes the crowd a chuckle in their mouths and participates in the task without the knowledge.

“From global warming to the Internet, religious propaganda is spreading all over the world. Everyone is spinning around like a crazy dog. There will be a lot of smoke until the animals and birds of the earth end.

Where are people not trapped in religious propaganda? The cow was first associated with religion. Then twisted cow protection rule.

In the long list of people killed, there is also a name like Shambhulal Ragors. Those who ax another cleric in the name of religion. A few days later, there is respect in Shobha Yatra.

Then why should anyone pay attention to the fact that most of the people involved in this trip are probably unemployed. The country and religion were injected into the veins of such young people.

For those who still have trouble hiring, they don’t want to talk to them.

“Every weakness in the world must be used.”

Weaknesses like Ganesh Gitonde are used in every game in the world, which is said to be sacred. It will be late, but this ready-made crowd will one day understand that his taxes have not been deducted.

Who is this state

“Yadav is in great love for the country.” I also love the country. But for them, the country is what it is today and what will lie ahead. For us, the country was first, it could and should be.

When “Trivedi” says this in the fifth episode, it gives the “philosophical spoiler” of the sacred games.

What this country should be, but it can’t be, this is the story of the sacred games. But the story is also outside the curtain.

Had Sardar Patel been India’s first prime minister, the country would have been like this. You must have heard these fantasies from WhatsApp to the country’s parliament.

To be the tricolor shield and the national anthem and religion. A true loving country who said Vandi Mataram? Is Hindustani true that Jay Shri Ram said?


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